MANCHESTER based guitar band Horsebeach, have already released two albums and a range of other music, including their debut “Horsebeach” four track EP – which featured the amazing track “Object.”

However it’s still a surprise that this band hasn’t recieved the reception it should, their most recent release “II” has some fantastic tracks upon it. The song “It’s Alright” which has just recently received it’s own music video [see below] has all the elements of a successful indie-pop track.

This is a group who can blend all the good parts of bands such as “Jaws” and “Happyness” yet still produce something new and fresh. Take their track “Clouds” it mixes dark lyrics with addictive pop hooks and pretty sounding guitars to create a cynical yet lovable sound.

Even when you listen to the bands first album, self titles “Horsebeach” you can immediately fall in love with the tracks upon it. The airy flowery sound of “Faded Eyes” opens the album and makes you feel as if you have known Horsebeach since day one. It’s accessible music and very inviting.

The track “June” opens with a strong bass line, that continues to rattle throughout the song and even when the guitars layer over the top, you can’t stop hearing that bass.

If you haven’t already heard Horsebeach then you can check them out here.

The band consists of:

  • Vocals/Guitar: Ryan Kennedy
  • Backing Vocals/Drums – Matt Booth
  • Guitar: Tom Featherstone
  • Bass: Tom Critchley
HORSEBEACH: The band’s second album’s artwork.



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