10 Years On – Mystery Jets (Making Dens)

WAY back in 2006 Mystery Jets released their debut album “Making Dens” and it set the band on a journey that they probably didn’t expect.

The band has had success with albums: “Making Dens”, “Zootime”, “Twenty One”, “Serotonin”, “Radlands” and “Curve of the Earth” released this year. Now in present day, Plugged In has reviewed the album that’s survived a decade.

MYSTERY JETS: Back where it began, 2006.

From the split singing/talking in the intro to the jangly guitar that kicks straight in on the track “You Can’t Fool Me Dennis” this album has it all.

“Summertime Den” is a stripped back 1:13 track that reflects a soft summers night, compared to the sludgy heavier sounds that can be heard on the song  “Zoo Time.”

The church bells and high pitched “oo” at the beginning of “Soluble In Air” breaks out into an acoustic ballad. As is the track “Purple Prose” which takes you away softly before breaking out into a massive instrumentation section. A song that has elements of the band Little Comets.

“Diamonds In The Dark” has an upbeat sing-a-long feel, a proper indie pop song. The Strokes-esque vocals on “Little Bag of Hair” amplify the indie genre. With the full track taking its own take on what we associate with indie.

The poppy sound can be again heard on “The Boy Who Ran Away” with its doubled up vocals and quick bursts of music. A true dance-floor filler. Whereas the “Horse Drawn Cart” has a certain western vibe to it, it’s one of the most emotional songs on the album as it carries a sadness to it unlike the others.

“Alas Agnes – James Ford Mix” opens with huge vocals bellowing out, before a drum beat that sounds like a marching regiment banging in the background. The guitar is raw on the track with it’s piercing notes standing out over the top of the music.

The six minute album finisher has a anthem element to it and it’s clear why the band chose to put this as their final song. “Making Dens” evolves throughout the duration, with big vocals, catchy lyrics, toe-tapping drums and pretty riffs it’s the perfect way to end a debut album.

It may be 10 years since the Mystery Jets released “Making Dens” but it’s still a fantastic album. It holds value in modern music too, with many modern bands citing it as a big inspiration. There’s no doubt that this album will be a “classic” for years too come.

Mystery Jets
MYSTERY JETS: The band now, 10 years on.



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