WELCOME to the blog Plugged In. Here you can find many bands and artists, with reviews, artist spotlights, interviews and much more.

The blog was started and is run by Nathan Douthwaite.

Here’s a video with a short explanation:

When I started this blog in January (2016) it began as a documentation for the resurgence of indie music (as shown in the video above). However as the blog has grown and attracted a larger audience, it was only right to open up to a larger music world.

Now, Plugged In will not only follow indie music, but incorporate a wide range of musical genres. For indie to punk, grime to rock. Review, interviews and features will be tailored around the forever developing music world. Of course Plugged In will continue to try and bring you the best new music out there now. That is a promise.

If you wish to have a taster of the music Plugged In loves then check out this playlist below. Thank you.


One thought on “About

  1. https://m.soundcloud.com/gufraaa/idleafternoons
    Hello, we have just released our first single, since we announced our comeback after splitting up last year. We are from Hartlepool in the North East and are planning to release an EP in the coming months. We have a slightly new style but hope we still appeal to our previous listeners. Any help in promoting the song would be much appreciated.
    Thanks xxx


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