INTERVIEW – Baby Strange

SCOTTISH band Baby Strange are making serious commotion in the upcoming music scene and with their debut album coming out this year and a big tour just around the corner, Plugged In caught up with the trio to ask those all important questions.

The closest venue Baby Strange are playing to us is Newcastle’s The Cluny and so we opened with the important venue question…

You’ve played the Cluny before, supporting Slaves, what do you think of the venue? 

We really liked the venue. That was a great gig.

White are coming on tour with you, how did both bands meet? 

We’ve known them for around 6 years, we met from playing in different bands around Glasgow.

What’s it like for all of you (as a band) to break out of the Glasgow music scene? 

It’s a good feeling. It’s good to show the rest of the UK what Glasgow has to offer.

Am I right in saying you took “Baby Strange” from T-Rex’s “Slider” album? 

We get that question a lot and it’s not actually the case! We weren’t aware of the T Rex track at the time, we just liked how the two words sounded together. We love the song now though!

That’s an interesting fact, I’m glad the confusion is cleared up! Are there any other big influences on your band/music? 

We like stuff like The Clash, D.A.F, The Blue Nile, Ian Jury.

Everything you’ve released so far has been met with positive attention, is there more music coming soon? (An album maybe?) 

We have a few singles lined up then an album is coming after summer, we can’t wait for people to hear it.

I think I speak for every fan when I say we’re all excited to hear it (an album). What can people expect from your gigs? 

High energy & and a good time.

Finally, is there anything you want to say to people coming to see you on tour?

Bring your friends.

Short and sweet, the band will be heading out with indie-disco-pop band White, who have had a successful run with their tracks “Living Fiction” and “Future Pleasures.” Buy your tickets here.


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