Month: September 2016

YAK – Heavens Above (Review)

YAK only released their debut album “Alas Salvation” five months ago, yet there is no stopping this band as they take a turn on newest single “Heavens Above”.

The track has chaos fuelling it’s very core, the sludgey thick guitars rip into the intro with lead singer Ollie Burlsem’s vocals taking the focal point of the first half of the song.

It’s not the first time that Yak have lyrically channelled the idea of God, or the lack of one, and that is rife upon this track, with the opening line being: “I met a God, he had an awful lot, and everything he had, he wanted more of.”

NON-STOP: Yak aren’t showing signs of slowing down.

It’s around the one minute thirty mark where the song explodes into that ever loveable ruckus that Yak are so great at recording.

Burlsem bellows out “above, above, above” as the snarl of his guitar wails behind him. It’s Elliot Rawson’s drumming and Andy Jones’ bass playing that fills the sound of the song, adding the depth that Yak had achieved on their debut album.

Amazingly, this track sounds like it may not fit perfectly upon May’s debut. So it’s a clear marking that Yak are moving into the next chapter of their musical journey.

Listen to “Heavens Above” below: