PALE Waves have been on the scene for a while now and finally they have been given the recognition they deserve as they get ready to set out on their own headline tour.

The tour sees them stop in cities such as Newcastle and Manchester and fans around the country will get an opportunity to see this exciting four-piece.

Plugged In caught up with Pale Waves lead singer Heather to talk about the bands stop in Newcastle, new music and what’s next.

You’ve played Newcastle before, so what do you like about the city?

‘It’s really nice, I’ve always said Newcastle is one of my favourite places to go, I’m quite sad because we were meant to play Think Tank and I love that venue but the promoter double booked it, so we have to play somewhere else, so when I got sent that date again I was really disappointed. I think it’s such a cool venue, the layouts not too big and it’s just so nice, so I’m really sad that we aren’t playing there. I hope the other venue is just as good!.

Do you feel like you have a loyal fan base in the North?

It’s really hard to say because this is our first headline tour, I guess we’ll find out when we start this. But I love the north and I love Northerners, I’m a northerner myself and all my family is, so I feel like I’m constantly hearing southerners because we’re down in London so much, when I hear a Northern accent my ears prick up and I’m like ‘oh it reminds me of home’. Then, when I go back up North I’m like oh my God, I don’t realise how Northern my family actually are.

Do you think you’ve lost your accent a little bit?

I think I have a bit, because I spend a lot of time with Ciara (founding member and drummer) and she’s not northern at all, so I say some things that I wouldn’t have said two years ago.

Your singles have received a lot of positive reception so far and you’ve just released ‘Television Romance’, but what’s next for Pale Waves?

We’re currently in the studio, I’m literally about to head out in 45 minutes, recording an EP of four tracks which I believe will be out in October. Then we’ve got the UK, Europe and US tour which will keep us busy till Christmas and we’ve just currently writing the album at the same time. So, we’re busy, busy, busy!’

What’s your favourite song to play live? Is it a track you’ve already recorded or one that’s yet to be?

I really like playing the really emo songs, everyone in the band always laughs at me for this because they always know what songs I’m going to pick before anyone even says. We have one that’s not out, but a lot of people have heard it called ‘My Obsession’ and we have one that not a lot of people have heard yet, we did a London show a few weeks ago, just like a club night and we played it there it’s called ‘She’ and that’s a really dark, emo song. They’re both my favourites to play live.

Your tour starts in October, do you have any on-the-road comforts, anything you take with you?

‘I actually don’t you know, I think as long as I have my clothes, my makeup and my headphones I’m alright really. We have each other you know, you’re never alone on tour and even if you want space you’re never going to get it.’

NEVER ALONE: Pale Waves are a close knit band.

Finally, what can people expect from your tour?

‘We’ve made the conscious decision to keep the set upbeat and not take it down a lot, which is upsetting for me, but it makes sense because it’s our first headline tour so we don’t want to bring out all the songs that are going to make people cry. We want to keep it vibey, energetic songs. We’re still not sure what’s going to go into the set yet or how long it’s going to be but it should be fun!’

Pale Waves will be playing Newcastle’s Northumbria Institute 2 on October 21st. Tickets are priced at £7 each and can be bought through You can purchase any tickets for their tour through the link above also. See the full list of dates:






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