CARLOS Danger, is the new project by Sam Butcher and its a nostalgic trip back to the 80’s, infused with a futuristic out-of-this-world vibe.

Carlos Danger allowed us to get an advanced preview of his upcoming EP, before sitting down to tell us exactly what it’s all about.

The five track EP is a journey through the musical world in which Carlos Danger resides. The opener, ‘Bouncy Balls’ emulates an 80’s computer game, with addictive beats popping out throughout.

‘Blue’ documents the ‘sorrow of a superficial life’ and uses various melodic synth riffs to weave its way around the listeners ears, before you are dropped into the vibrant, almost Japanese styled tones of ‘Puppy Love’.

Miami has clearly played an important role in Carlos Danger’s life (as we discover later). ‘Palm Street Passion’ captures that Miami Vice vibe, with screeching guitars and a funky bravado, this track steps away from the others and showcases the confident and maybe even arrogant life Carlos Danger once lead.

The EP is brought to a close by ‘Redbone’, an ode to American rapper Childish Gambino. Whether he and Carlos has any connection is unknown, yet this cover sounds like Carlos has captured the power that ‘Redbone’ originally gave off and thrown it into the soundtrack for hit TV show; Stranger Things.

CARLOS DANGER: The journey of redemption, through the Taurus.

After allowing your ears to understand what they’ve just experienced, you’re left with questions about the EP. That’s when Carlos himself stepped up and gave an insight into what he was trying to do with this five-track.

Tell us a little bit about this upcoming EP release.

This 5 track EP documents, through music, my journey from Miami drug kingpin – lying, cheating and stealing my way to the top of the Magic City – to finding redemption and rebirth through the Taurus.

What lead you to make this EP?

I was at my lowest point. I thought the material treasures my life of vice gave me were bringing me happiness. But then our great profit Pen Xhen taught me the ways of the Taurus and its leader Papa Jupe – and he showed me that my penthouse apartment overlooking Miami Beach, my superyacht and my Testarossa in the driveway were leaving a gaping gloryhole in my heart that only free love, peace and music could fill.

Is there any music that’s inspired you on this EP?

This EP emulates many of the sounds you’d likely hear if you frequented one of my seedy, cocaine-fuelled nightclubs back in the dark days. Now the song of the Taurus inspires me everyday.

Which track means the most to you?

Whether it’s the sorrow of a superficial life on ‘Blue’, the joy in finding the truth of the Taurus on ‘Puppy Love’, or the wailing guitar solos of hope on ‘Palm Tree Passion’ every song is an important chapter in the tale of salvation.

Are you going to be playing these tracks live?

The Taurus’ collection of synthesisers was sadly ruined in a recent ritual to Papa Jupe, meaning these tracks are currently un-performable.

How come you named the EP, ‘Neon Daydreams’?

The name is a reflection on my gloomy past. I often daydream back to those days of neon streets, but it gives me hope that even those in the pits of darkness can be saved.

Where does Sam fit into all of this? Are you in contact with him?

I often get mistaken for Sam Butcher, the producer behind ‘Aretha EP’. I admit there’s a striking resemblance, and we’re becoming close friends. He’s told me he’s working on an EP called ‘Late Night Cereal’, a six track blend of soul, jazz, hip hop, electronica, psychedelia and more which should be out before autumn.

What are your plans for the rest of this year musically?

Soon the Taurus will come together in a musical explosion of passion and glory.



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