SONGHOY Blues absolutely nailed their first album ‘Music In Exile’ which was released back in 2015. However, whether their follow up would be able to literally ‘follow up’ was something to be questioned. Those questions were silenced today, with the release of ‘Rèsistance’. 

The album maintains that sweet guitar style that Songhoy Blues mastered on their first record but overall it stands as an uplifting, spiritual album, that captures Songhoy Blues’ live performances perfectly. 

The energetic and joyful style that this Mali born band have made their own, drenches this record. With tributes to their hometown on both ‘Bamako’ and ‘Hometown’ it’s clear that these boys are celebrating their roots with this record. 

‘Mali Nord’ features London grime artist Elf Kid, and mixes the album a bit, as he raps over a slow smooth guitar and big brass instruments and ‘Sahara’ hears Iggy Pop talking in the mix of the track. 

Fans of the first record will be able to bask in the sounds of ‘Ici Bas’ as its a more laid back track that would definitely slot perfectly onto ‘Music In Exhile’. Of course, Songhoy Blues are simply continuing the sound they had so much success with, so it’s still great to hear it appear on this record. 


‘One Colour’ is one powerful track, using children’s vocals to convey the message ‘we come together, yes we can’, ultimately portraying what the message of this album is (if you hadn’t already understood). It’s an album about unity, about togetherness and in the current climate, it couldn’t be more needed. 

Songhoy Blues have managed to build upon their fantastic debut with an equally fantastic second album, from the very first funky melodies on ‘Voter’ to that inspiring message ‘One Colour’ it’s an album you cannot afford to miss. 

Stream the album via Spotify. 


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