CLEAN CUT KID – FELT (Album Review)


FEEL good melodies, warm riffs and stunning vocals, make up the debut album from Liverpool based four-piece, Clean Cut Kid.

Opening with the gigantic “Vitamin C” the album unfolds with a mixture of pop and rock, blending older tracks like “We Used To Be In Love” and newer unreleased songs like “Stay”.

“Brother of Mine” is a stand-out track on the album, a soft ode to siblings that bursts into an incredible guitar solo that sounds like nothing Clean Cut Kid have attempted before. The execution of this solo is perfect and adds a whole new level to Clean Cut Kid’s music.

“Time To Let You Go” is an epic ballad, with smooth tones and soothing vocals, the song builds to it’s last forty seconds which then slowly fizzle out into darkness.


“Evelyn” is lead singer Mike’s song to his band mate and wife Evelyn and hears lyrics like “I could play a million chords on this guitar – never find one to sum you up”. It’s an emotion fueled track, that has overtones of bright happiness and honestly, it’s a lovely touch.

The singles “Make Believe” and “Runaway” find their own space on this album, for songs that have been available for a long while, it’s great to hear them sitting alongside all the other tracks on this LP.

The album is brought to a close with “Pick Me Up”. It may be one of Clean Cut Kid’s oldest tunes but it still holds a freshness to it and ends the album in an almighty way.

This debut has been a long time in the making and Clean Cut Kid have grown in popularity over the past year it’s inevitable that this album will see them gain even more popularity over the coming months.

Stream the debut album “Felt” here.


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