“5 years, 4 sides, 3 boys, 2 discs, 1 album”

BLAENAVON have released their debut album “That’s Your Lot” and it’s the debut we all hoped for.

The album features a range of early material and newer tracks, from the almighty “Swans”, which featured as a YouTube video and free download for many years, to the newer “My Bark Is Your Bite”.

Each track is crafted beautifully, the re-vamped “Prague” (now titled Prague 99) is still as epic as it was when it sat comfortably on the “Koso” EP. Benjamin Gregory’s vocals still blast out the line “You keep running through my head, I swear it’s so”, before the instruments explode into an amazing finale.

BLAENAVON: Ready to wow the world with their debut.

The opener of the album “Take Care” is a track that’s featured on Blaenavon’s live set for a long time and hearing it on the album shows that they can still capture it’s live effect on a record.

“Ode To Joe” entwines various haunting electronic noises with soft melodic overtones, whereas “Let Me See What Happens Next” is a piano ballad with sickly sweet vocals. The final track “That’s Your Lot” is a slow burner and brings the album to an end perfectly, the track builds slowly and climaxes in the most captivating way, it doesn’t need a thrashy explosive ending.

Of course it’s great to hear tracks like “Orthodox Man” and “”Let’s Pray” sat side by side on an album together and that’s one of the most magical things about this debut. You can tell how much emotion has gone into this album and Benjamin Gregory, Frank Wright and Harris McMillan have crafted something that will definitely stand the test of time.

ITS HERE: Blaenavon’s debut album


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