FIGMENNT – EP (Review)

FIGMENNT, the Billingham based shoegaze band have finally released their debut EP and it confirms that the waiting was worth it.

Opening with the almighty ‘With Me’, the track unfolds with moments of pure ecstasy that come bursting out of the songs structure. With the pacing and guitar tones of a Diiv track ‘With Me’ kicks off this EP perfectly.

‘Apart from Me, a Part of Me’ is softer, it sits on the ears nicely and even the breakout moments, which are common in Figmennt’s tracks, don’t feel as full force as they usually do. The guitar wails over the rest of the music and cries out in a beautiful melodic tone.

The single ‘Home’, which was released last December, makes an appearance on this debut, along with ‘Sad Song’ a track that the band released unofficially last year as a live video. Both tracks were great when they were originally released but now sound even better with the rest of the EP slotting around them perfectly. 

‘Today’ has darker overtones, there’s a gloomy element to this track, it’s slower paced and pulls you in slowly and then bursts out with the lyric: “I’m sinking into the floor again”. The lyrics have a deep meaning on this track and they’re complimented by the production of the instruments throughout. 

‘Fold’ on the other hand is more aggressive, noticeably driven by the bass guitar and drums, creating this incredible raw sound. The track is chaotic and spirals slowly into madness. It’s a fantastic song and showcases just how good Figmennt are. 

Overall this EP has been in the pipeline for some time, but due to certain factors was stalled for release. That doesn’t matter though, because it’s a great debut EP and will rocket Figmennt into big things. They’re going to go far this year. Watch this space.

Listen to the EP below:

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