Multi-instrumentalist, Natalie McCool is heading out on her UK tour. Part of the tour sees her stopping at The Cluny 2, Newcastle. Plugged In caught up with her to discuss her new album, the North East, and touring in general.

McCool is touring off the back of her new album, which is titled “The Great Unknown” and was released last November and speaking about how the album was received, she said: “There has been so much positive feedback and it’s great to hear which songs are personal favourites. I’m really happy that people have understood where I’m coming from with it, with the themes of heartbreak and acceptance and maturity.”

Natalie McCool’s tour sees her travelling to a fair few cities and so it was interesting to find out where she was looking forward to playing, she answered: “I’m really looking forward to playing at The Cluny having heard so many great things about that venue! Newcastle is a beautiful city. I played a Sofar Sounds there last year which was incredible.” The tour also see’s her stopping at cities such as Liverpool, Leeds and Bristol (to name a few).

NATALIE MCCOOL: The multi-instrumentalist heads out on tour.

Of course with her spending this much time in various cities, it was interesting to find out if she would be doing the usual touristy activities people do when they visit these places, she added: “Well we had a good look around on our last tour so this time we will have to visit some different attractions.

“We visited Queensferry in Edinburgh last time we played which was beautiful. We haven’t actually been to the Angel of the North, so will have to take a trip up there this time around!”

Touring isn’t the only thing Natalie McCool has achieved in her musical career. When asked about her favourite moment so far, one thing sprung to her mind immediately: “My favourite moment is getting playlisted on BBC Radio 1 just because I felt so happy that lots of people like me were going to be listening to my music! It was an amazing feeling.”

Rounding off the interview, McCool gave one last message to anyone who plans to see her on this tour: “You’re in for a fun night! There will be sing-songs and some swearing, but you’ll have a great time!” And with that the interview was over. It’s clear to see that Natalie McCool means business on this tour, she’s here to prove just how good she really is.

Tickets for the tour can be bought through her official store.

Interview transcribed from NE Volume. Original interview can be found here.




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