Last year, our “Sound of” featured the likes of YAK, The Big Moon, Sundara Karma and Blaenavon. All of these bands broke out into the bigger scene during 2016, with YAK releasing a debut album to critical acclaim and Sundara Karma selling out a UK tour.

Looking forward to 2017, Plugged In has rounded up five artists we believe will play a huge part in the music scene this year.

5. Pumarosa

This five piece from London released a various amount of music in 2016 and spent the year touring/developing their fan base. The band’s ritualistic music has an incredibly infectious feel to it and that will definitely resonate in 2017. Whether or not the band will be releasing an album this year is still unconfirmed but there will undoubtedly new music and that is something that should get anyone excited.


4. King Nun

Also from London, King Nun are raw, passionate and cannot be ignored. Signed to the giant record label, Dirty Hit Records, this bands future is looking very impressive. Their tracks, “Tulip” and “Speakerface” are already showcasing what this band can do. 2017 can only build upon their success and before you know it they’ll be performing in a venue near you.


It’s not just London producing good music at the moment and Hartlepool math rockers PLAZA are proving just that. Their track “Totem” made it into our top 20 tracks of 2016 and frontman Brad Lennard has already promised more PLAZA this year. If they continue to release strong, impressive tracks and  carry on with their rigorous touring, then PLAZA are definitely going to be a well known name in 2017.

PLAZA: 2017 could be a big year for this band.

2. October Drift 

After releasing two EP’s last year, October Drift started making waves in the national music scene. Their track “Cherry Red” is way ahead of its time and is an amazing showcase of what they are capable of. Live, October Drift are explosive and can turn any venue into a chaotic frenzy with their indie rock tracks. What will the band do next? Hopefully release more music and play a big UK headline tour. We will have to wait and see.


Cabbage are not only fantastic musicians, they’re also incredibly important to keeping music and politics unified. Their recent statement attacking The Sun for listing them as their ones to watch in 2017 (even though The Sun is everything Cabbage stands against) has been hailed by artists such as Reverend and the Makers and Billy Bragg. Musically, they have just released an EP compilation album, full of every track they’ve released on an EP so far, it gets any fan hyped for a potential album in 2017. Cabbage are important to 2017 and that’s why this year will belong to their music.

CABBAGE: Our sound of 2017

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