OUR final list of 2016 is out and it features our top 20 songs of this year. It took a while to work out and it also goes against some of the albums we chose, but sometimes and album works together as a whole, rather than one individual song. Anyway these are the stand out tracks of 2016 according to Plugged In.

  1. The Last Shadow Puppets – Dracula Teeth

This haunting track really stands out on this impressive return from Alex Turner and Miles Kane’s TLSP. “Dracula Teeth” works great as a Halloween party tune or as a late night journey home track.

  1. Charli XCX – After the After Party

Charli XCX is the future of pop music and “After the After Party” proves that. She’s constantly evolving as a musician and this track is a perfect party anthem.

  1. The Lemon Twigs – Haroomata

NME described this track as something Sid Barrett could of wrote and they’re not wrong. The Lemon Twigs capture the 60’s and the psychedelia scene perfectly through this song and it’s a real hidden gem the bands 2016 album “Do Hollywood”.

  1. Kings of Leon – Find Me

Back from the brink, Kings of Leon’s newest album rocketed the band back onto the scene. Their track “Find Me” is a ballad of infectious guitar pop.

  1. Skepta – It Ain’t Safe

The biggest grime artist of 2016, Skepta’s Konnichiwa won the 2016 Mercury Prize and every track is pretty much gold. However, “It Ain’t Safe” is one of 2016’s biggest hype tracks.

  1. Let’s Eat Grandma – Eat Shiitake Mushrooms

I, Gemini is a masterpiece of an album and “Eat Shiitake Mushrooms” is one of the many tracks that make this album so special. The six-minute-long track encompasses so many big moments, from the slow build up to the big electronic drop.

  1. Honeyblood – Babes Never Die

Scottish rockers Honeyblood’s sophomore album was just as good as the first. The title track “Babes Never Die” is a punk fuelled riot song. It’s a fantastic way to open an album and draws you in as a listener straight away.

  1. Mystery Jets – Telomere

Big piano keys, high pitched picking guitars and blissful vocals, “Telomere” kicks Mystery Jets’ latest album off in the only way it should. It’s an epic track and certainly shows Mystery Jets are ready for the big leagues.

  1. Venus II – Inside Your Sun

Released in June, Venus II released this fantastic 90’s inspired dance track. It’s a track you need to hear; every playlist will be featuring Venus II’s music this time next year.



  1. David Bowie – Girl Loves Me

“Blackstar” was a farewell from David Bowie, an emotional rollercoaster and one last present to his adoring fans before he sadly passed away. Every song has a special meaning but “Girl Loves Me” stands out as a darker track that can’t not be loved.

  1. Day Wave – Hard to Read

This fuzzy track incorporates muffled vocals and sampled drums to produce something really special. Taken from his EP with the same name, “Hard to Read” is a fantastic feel-good song.

  1. PLAZA – Totem

Probably one of the UK’s fastest rising indie music bands, PLAZA released this two-minute math rock anthem back in February. It may be short, but it’s seriously good and kicked off the boy’s year amazingly.

  1. Hinds – San Diego

Pinned as our sound of summer 2016. This track sounded fantastic at festivals and captured that stereotypical summer vibe. These girls have made a big impact on the music scene in 2016 and rightly so. “San Diego” leaves anyone in a good mood.

  1. October Drift – Cherry Red

Rattling bass, powerful drums and deep vocal tones all come together to create this impressive track from newcomers October Drift. The song explodes into an epic head banger. The band even convert this energy captured on “Cherry Red” when they play live. Big things are coming in 2017.

  1. Kano – 3 Wheel Ups

Featuring two grime all-stars (Wiley and Giggs) “3 Wheel Ups” uses the classic grime melodies with the addition of a massive orchestra powering at the front of the song. It’s another great hype song and immediately stands out on Kano’s album “Made in the Manor”.

  1. Nicholas Allbrook – A Fool There Was

The pond frontman released his second solo album this year and it was pretty great. However, there was one song that stood out amongst the rest. “A Fool There Was” is a raw track that hears Allbrook scream and wail but also croon and question. It’s well-crafted and a must listen.

  1. White – Private Lives

This funky 80’s style track has all the sass and attitude you would expect from Scottish band White. “Private Lives” is a look into the future as the five-piece plan to release their album next year and if its anything to go by, this debut album will be massive.

  1. Cabbage – Uber Capitalist Death Trade

Cabbage hold the key to the future of political music and releasing a track like this is showing everyone that they know it. Its fast paced and aggressive and it even includes some stereotypical ideology. It’s a clever track, both lyrically and musically.

  1. Blaenavon – I Will Be The World

This track stepped away from the Blaenavon and become accustomed to (in a good way of course). It moved into a heavier vibe, with big explosive moments mixing with soft poetic verses. “I will Be the World” is Blaenavon’s live moment, the moment where everyone loses their minds and frenzies over the band.

  1. YAK – Harbour the Feeling

One of YAK most structures songs, “Harbour the Feeling” grabbed us since they released ahead of their debut album. 2016 has been YAK’s year for us and this song shows just how far they’ve came. It has an amazing riff that powers throughout the song and Oli Burlsem’s vocals are, as always, raw.


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