FIGMENNT are back with a stunning new track and its sets them in a great position to move into 2017.

Released today (December 16th) “Home” is a mature and incredibly advanced song that shows where Figmennt are going to be heading in terms of music next year.

The soft intro erupts into a powerful shoegaze anthem, that hears multiple guitars laid over thumping drums, lead singer Joe Garratt croons over it all asking the question: “Will she ever go home?”

The breakdown comes around the 2:36 mark, where repeated lyrics of “Will she ever go home” are echoed over and over, complimented by sweet-high-pitched guitar picking, the song explodes one last time, bringing the four minute track to an almighty close.

It’s a step away from where we last left Figmennt with their track “She” and even though it still holds similarities to their debut single, “Home” is a lot more mature and you can tell the boys have been working hard on perfecting their sound.


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