American rhythm and blues band Vintage Trouble are set to play the Sage, Gateshead for a huge New Year’s Eve event, so Plugged In caught up with the band to find out if there’s any surprises in store for gig-goers.

You’re playing Sage, Gateshead on New Year’s Eve…will you be performing an extra special set?

Yes. It’s our first time celebrating New Year’s Eve with our UK Trouble Makers, and what better place to do it! Sage has been a big part of our history as Vintage Trouble. We’ve performed there multiple times with very fond memories. It’s a very significant celebration – an end and a beginning that is filled with hope, purpose and dreams. We are going to take all that into consideration for making our set special.

TROUBLEMAKERS: Vintage Trouble are playing a special show this New Years Eve.

Will you be playing any new music at this show?

Definitely. We’ve wrote a lot of new music, spent time studying our instruments and challenging ourselves to discover uncharted ways to cypher our feelings and messages through song. I really dig the fact that some of our new works feel like they’ve been influenced by stage and tour bus life. And then there are others that feel like they came from our living rooms, our cars, our kitchens, our local bars and from the feeling of being surrounded by loved ones. I can not leave out the fact that the world and personally for us, America, has been turned on its head since we were last on the road. What a “fall” it’s been. We couldn’t have fought off writing songs about struggle and uprise and compassion and understanding if we tried.

You’ve toured with iconic bands like The Who and Bon Jovi. Have you as a band learnt anything from these bands?

What’s been a nice learning experience, with not only these two bands but all the bigger bands we’ve toured with, is the level of professionalism they surround themselves with. As for memories of fondness, my mom was just recalling this story to me the other day. She’s always loved The Who, and one day I’d brought her out and we’d came across Roger Daltrey backstage. My mom melted like a teenager. The two of them got to talking, and he told her that if he were young now he’d pack up and follow Vintage Trouble. So him being a fan was really sweet and made me look cool in front of my mom.

Reflecting on 2016, how has this year been for the band?

2016 has easily been one of the best years in our band’s short history. The fans have demonstrated to us that what we are is more than songs and parties. The TroubleMakers have empowered us with the knowing that we are truly affecting the world by way of our spirits, not only because of the art we create.

Finally, is there anything you want to say to the people coming to this special show?

Besides being an incredible theatre (both the big and small room) the Sage is absolutely one of our favorite venues for a number of reasons. It was one of the first places we’d played when opening for Brian May, which came right after our Jools Holland debut that catapulted us into the UK scene. We cannot say enough great things about this venue, and those in charge of running it. Needless to say, of all the places in the world we could be playing on NYE, when the Sage came up we jumped on it. Let’s do this!

Vintage Trouble play Sage, Gateshead on New Year’s Eve. Tickets, priced at £69.88, are available from


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