BLAENAVON tease their debut album yet again, with B-side to their single “My Bark Is Your Bite”.

“You Pretty Little Thing” takes a more acoustic turn, emulating earlier Blaenavon music such as “Swans” or “Rude Remarks”. It’s soft acoustic guitar strums slowly in the background as lead singer Ben Gregory croons over the top.

It’s simplicity makes it soothing and adds another dimension to Blaenavon’s ever growing back catalogue of music.

SOMETHINGS BREWING: Blaenavon release another track.

The alliteration of “pity, piss and pray” adds a sharpness to the end of the track just before the title lyrics “you pretty little thing” brings the song to a close.

The single “My Bark Is Your Bite” shows again how much Blaenavon have grown in the last year, producing mature and well defined music.

Hopefully their promise of a debut album will stay true and we will all be feasting on a wonderful debut next year.

Until then, listen to “You Pretty Little Thing” below:


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