LONDON based rock band King Nun may have escaped your notice. Yet this band are looking to be a big part of 2017’s music scene.

Their infectious distorted fuzzy rock emulates bands such as YAK and Baby Strange (two big breakouts this year). King Nun offer a new access to this kind of genre.

Their single “Tulip” isn’t as delicate as the name may indicate, in fact its a rock ballad that sets the bench mark high for this band. The detailed guitar riffs and fuzzy vocals will be replicated in the bands live performance.

They continue this defined sound on the single’s B-side “Speakerface” which is already pinned to be a scuzzy rock anthem.

So it’s no surprise that record label giants Dirty Hit snapped these four 18 year old lads up pretty quickly.

Encouraging them to do exactly what they have done with these two songs.

You can expect King Nun to be in a town near you this coming year and their music will certainly be making its way onto one of your playlists fairly soon.

Find the band on their website

NOISEY: King Nun are here to cause a ruckus. 

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