THE debut EP from five-piece White has finally arrived and for fans of the band it’s a real treat.

Opening with the track  “Private Lives” it’s a perfect opener to a diamond EP, “Private Lives” has been available as a live version on YouTube since April 2015. So the fact its finally released as a recorded track is a blessing to many fans.

The song incorporates pop, electro and even rock into a epic four minutes – fifty five seconds. The harmonic vocals that chant “I wanna take a look at your private lives/behind your eyes” add a real catchy element to the song. It has a confident swagger to it.

The listener then delves into the more solemn “Recreational TV” a track that uses vocals to give off a cult-esque chant, breaking up the words “recreation, television” over and over. The synths are prominent and it creates a club floor filler.

Now if you’ve seen White live then you know just how power the next track “Step-Up” really is. Lead singer Leo Condie screams into a microphone from the 60’s USSR as the thumping drums, courtesy of Kristin Lynn, below in the background. The sample synth that overlays the song adds a heavier element to the song and makes it “Step-Up” from the other EP tracks.

WHITE: The scottish five piece have released their debut album.

Finally, the cleverly crafted “I Liked You Better When You Needed Me” concludes the song. Adding the two parts together, the first being a soft intro to the monumental second. Hamish Fingland and Chris Potter drive the track with their guitars, it carries on the darker tones that were created from “Step-Up” but it also adds an epic feel, the track is the perfect end to the EP.

“Cuts That Don’t Bleed” is a 15 minute long piece of art and something you cannot ignore.

Listen to White’s new EP below:


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