YAK at Think Tank – 20/10/16 (Review)

EXPLOSIVE, the one word to describe YAK’s set at Newcastle’s infamous Think Tank last night.

The band played with the usual ferocity that they bring to every gig, however since the last time they played Newcastle (Head of Steam last year) their album has been released and they have ripped apart the festival season over summer.

Bringing this experience to Think Tank last night proved how far they’ve grown over the past year.

Opening with the infectious “Harbour The Feeling” the crowd descended into immediate chaos, with bodies flying around in a primal rage.

YAK played tracks such as “Take It”, “Smile” and “Curtain Twitcher”, all taken from May’s debut album “Alas Salvation”.

As always with YAK’s set, the trio don’t just play song after song, oh no, they almost jam for the full hour set and this was no exception last night. During “Use Somebody” the song turned into King Crimson’s “21st Century Schizoid Man” a track the band haven’t really played since touring with Peace last year. A real treat for fans who’ve came to see YAK on this tour.

The band also played new tracks “Semi-Automatic” and “Heavens Above”, a great time to hear these tracks live, as they’ll be the last release before the band scurry away to work on their second album.

The encore saw frontman Oli Burlsem run into the crowd and fling himself around in the mosh pit that had opened at the front. As always Elliot Rawson and Andy Jones continued to power through “Hungry Heart” a big part of YAK’s constantly growing set.

Like all good things YAK’s set came to an end and the trio wandered off stage after thanking the crowd one final time. If you were smart enough to go to YAK’s gig last night then you know just how special it was.

Support for the night came from local newcomers Milk Teeth and national newcomers Goat Girl, both bands opened up for YAK perfectly.


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