SCOTLAND is a hive for new indie music at the moment, with bands like Baby Strange and White breaking out into the big leagues, it’s important to look at the smaller bands who are only just starting out.
Enter Sweet White, a small Scottish band who’s single “Genine” has attracted serious attention. Plugged In caught up with the band to get to know them a little better.
Your single “Genine” dropped at the start of this month, what has the reception been like?
It’s been great. Genine is a song we’ve played live for ages and is a little bit a standout in our set. It’s a lot of people’s favourite song of ours so it’s good to get it out.
Any big gig plans before the end of this year? 
Nothing planned as far as big gigs go but expect new music. There’s been quite an amount of time between all our releases so that’s not gonna happen again.
Is there anymore singles planned for release? Or an EP maybe? 
We have new music we want to start playing live. As for singles or an EP, there’s possibility of both. We’ve already started recording for our next single so that should be ready the next couple months.
What bands have influenced your band, with image and music? 
Peace were a big influence in us forming our band, that whole Birmingham scene was cool. Foals are another band we love but we realised pretty quickly we wanted a darker tint to our music so there’s maybe a mini mansions influence, even QOTSA at times.
Get to know Sweet White below:  
What’s each members favourite album? 
Jake Cordiner – Vertigo of Bliss, Biffy Clyro
Ruairidh – Grace, Jeff Buckley
James – Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
Shaun – Stadium Arcadium, RHCP
Jake Cox – blonde on blonde
What’s each members favourite film? 
Jake Cordiner – Cloverfield
Ruairidh – Donnie Darko
James – Stand By Me
Shaun – Blood Diamond
Jake Cox – Homeward Bound
An interesting fact about each member?
Jake Cordiner – Did theatre for 7 years
Ruairidh – is a talented juggler
James – played in 5 bands before Sweet White
Shaun – Missing 2 teeth
Jake Cox – will one day make Sweet White a one man band.
Where each member sees themselves in 5 years?
Jake Cordiner – Closer to death
Ruairidh – world tour
James – 1 hour late to band practice
Shaun – Number 1 album, singles and Jazz chart
Jake Cox – After the hugely successful release of my one man band Sweet White album, Josh Klinghoffer, Owen Pallett and Brian Cox will join the band.

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