YOU may not of heard of Somerset’s four-piece October Drift, but that’s OK, this indie rock band are just breaking out and are doing it in a fantastic way.

After releasing their first EP in March this year, they toured the UK and played a range of festivals over the summer.

Now heading into the winter they released their next installment and it’s magnificent.

Opening with the calm and smooth “Snow Into Dust” it’s amazing how this band can create a soft calm sound and then completely change it within seconds.

OCTOBER DRIFT: Have you heard them?

Just after one minute forty seconds, you are thrown into the masterpiece that is “Cherry Red” a track that sounds like it’s been created by a band who’s been at it for years. The clean crisp vocals pierce through the fuzzy guitars that pulsate in the background of the track.

“Cherry Red” is a perfect slice of indie music, taken straight from the core. It blends bands like Ride and The National but brings it’s own elements too and that’s what October Drift are all about, bringing a fresh sound to the indie genre.

“Cinnamon Girl” calms the EP down, it slows the temperature that has risen from “Cherry Red”. It’s well crafted and the guitar tone is incredibly clean. “Cinnamon Girl” shows the diversity of October Drift, they can do raw, in your face music, they can do indie music and they can do acoustic ambient music.

“Get With The Times” brings the EP to a close, it has elements of an old Nirvana track, something dark and emotional but it builds up and explodes into a ballad. It’s a great way to end an EP, after the four tracks have dissolved into the air, you can’t help but want more.

October Drift will definitely be gaining a massive following after the UK tour they are currently on ends. If you haven’t heard them yet, now’s the time to do see – see there website here.


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