The Big Moon are a band you’ll be hearing a lot of in the next year. Musically, they are expanding all the time with their recent release “Silent Movie Suzie” gaining them a lot of new support.

The quartet are now out on tour with the giant Mystery Jets and are getting ready to set out on their own headline tour, Plugged In caught up with Soph and Celia to talk about the tour, festival season and band friends.

You’re heading out on tour with Mystery Jets, what’s it like knowing you’ll be opening for them?

S: It’s awesome. They’re an incredibly good band and lovely to tour with. 

Of course you’re going on your own headline tour afterwards too, do you think your fan base has grown?

S: I think it has, but it’s hard to tell until you’re actually at the shows. We’re going to be doing our biggest headline show ever at Scala, so hopefully!

C: It’s always cool when you see more and more people coming out to festival slots, or turning up early to see us support other bands but it’s so exciting to walk around a venue that you’re headlining before a show and know that the people there have bought tickets specifically to see us, no matter how many people that is. 


How was the festival season for the four of you? 

S: I loved it, it’s so nice to be playing with loads of different bands every day. And festivals are always fun places to explore when you have time to kill before you play 

Did you see larger groups of people coming to see you over the festival season? 

C: Yes, it was great, we had some really amazing festival sets this year. Glastonbury and Latitude were particular highlights I think; the crowds were incredible. 


By the looks of it you’re quite friendly with a lot of other bands, have you been hanging out with any in particular over the summer?  

S: Various! We’ve played a lot of the same festivals as Spring King, and we’re doing some shows with them soon in Stoke and Oxford which will be fun. We see Kagoule about quite a lot too and they’re awesome. 

C: Festival season is so nice for that! We all spend so much of the rest of the year touring that it’s hard to hang out with other friends in bands, and you’re always missing each other in different cities so it’s great when you’re all in one place at the same time. 

Have those bands influenced you in any way? Because am I right in believing you’re recording your debut album? 

S: James in Spring King has an amazing jumping technique while playing bass. It’s infectious when you watch them, and I feel like it’s rubbed off on me when we play certain songs! 

C: Same! And we have another song, which we don’t play live at the moment, where Fern and I accidentally morph into Gus and P from The Magic Gang. But I think with the album, we’ve been sitting on a lot of the tracks for such a long time and we’re just so excited that they’re finally recorded and soon we’re going to be able to play them all for people. 

Being in the studio recording can be a long process, what do you do to unwind/chill out? 

S: We play a game called slappy ball. When we were fed up or something wasn’t sounding right we’d have a quick game of slappy and then we were away!

C: It really is a great stress reliever. 

SILENT MOVIE SUZIE: The Big Moon’s latest release.

What can people expect from your set whilst supporting Mystery Jets? 

C: A really good time. 

Anything you want to add to people coming to your show? 

C: Come see us at the merch desk after the show! 

Catch The Big Moon on tour with Mystery Jets now – tickets here.

Find tickets for their headline tour here.


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