THE WYTCHES – All Your Happy Life (Review).

BACK in 2014, a small band call The Wytches released a debut album so unique it rocketed them from cult band to spotlight success.
Ever since that release, fans have been anticipating the bands follow up album, hoping it would channel the same individual, evil sound that “Annabel Dream Reader” did so perfectly.
Well “All Your Happy Life” is exactly what everyone was waiting for. From the warped horror sounds of “Intro” to the blood curdling fuzz fest of “Ghost House” this album fills the hole that The Wytches left after that incredible first album.

ALL YOUR HAPPY LIFE: The second album from The Wytches.

The epic “Can’t Face It” is a matured song, one that takes the band from a teenage angst group to a more complex developed band who are capable of channeling more emotion than ever before.
When you dip into “Crest of Death” you’re thrown into the intense world of The Wytches, the vocals bite at the listener in a raspy scream.

“Dumb-Fill” has the essence of a country song, something you could expect to hear on a cowboy horror film, it has elements of a Halloween barn dance.

Just like “Annabel Dream Reader” the final track slows the album right down. “Home” strips back the aggression and lays bare the foundations of a softer Wytches, one that isn’t shown very often.

“All Your Happy Life” is available now. You can buy it here.


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