JAWS – Right in Front of Me (Review).

JAWS Birmingham’s indie dream pop band are back with newest single “Right in Front of Me” and it’s a refreshing return.

After the heavier and different “Bad Company” released back in 2015, Jaws have undergone a transformation, reducing to a trio and refining their sound, they released “What We Haven’t Got Yet” as a taster of their newer sound.

Now after nearly a full year, they are back with a new track and a follow up album ready for the masses.

THEY’RE BACK: Jaws return with a brand new single.

“Right in Front of Me” is a four minute shoegaze track that is swamped with reverbed vocals and Diiv-esque guitars, it’s a step away from their 2014 “Be Slowly” but a refreshing sound for a band who have been away for a while.

It’s a matured song and is a promising nod towards their new album. Their sound has changed but they’re still the same old Jaws everyone fell in love it.

“Simplicity” is out on November 4th and can be pre-ordered here.

The tracklist is as follow:

  1. Just a Boy
  2. What We Haven’t Got Yet
  3. Right in Front of Me
  4. 17
  5. Cast
  6. Interlude
  7. One the Sunshine
  8. Work it Out
  9. In the Morning
  10. A Brief Escape From Life
  11. The Invisible Sleep

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