Glass Palace – Hang Ten (Review).

IT’S been three months since Glass Palace released their first track “Intermission” and now, to kick off September, the North East band have released their follow up “Hang Ten”.

The track is longer than their first, reaching just over five minutes, it shows how the band have been developing over the past few months.

Vocally, “Hang Ten” holds elements of King Krule – raspy and raw they add a new sound to the band, something that wasn’t apparent on “Intermission”.

The melodies are slower and take a more sinister approach. The whole vibe of the song is gloomy but in a way that is still very appealing.

The low tones of the bass rattle out in the background, complementing the drums that slowly pace the song.

This is another display of the bands huge potential, if they continue to create tracks like this then it won’t be long before more and more people begin to notice Glass Palace.

Listen to the track below:


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