BABY STRANGE- Want It Need It (Review)

FINALLY the wait is over. Popular Scottish trio Baby Strange, have released their debut album.

With a good selection of previously released tracks and new unreleased tracks, the 10 song album is a definite contender for album of the year.

Opening with the almighty “Pure Evil” a song remastered only a few months before the debut album was released, it’s already had massive popularity through radio and media outlets.

It’s raw and emulates the perfect live version that this trio can produce.

That’s not the only familiar track though, with “VVV”, “Pleasure City” and “California Sun” all appearing on the album, it was important for Baby Strange to include these songs upon their debut.

Especially since each one of these tracks has not just been applauded through their live versions, but also hailed as great tracks recorded too.

It was no shock to see the track “Friend” on the album either. A song that was released as a single only last month.

However it was surprising to see the track “Trouble” feature upon it. Especially since it was a B-side on the 2015 track “California Sun”. Although this new “Trouble” sounds more developed, crafted in a new kind of maturity the band have inevitably founded whilst touring and working on this record.

“Human”, “Nude” and “Distance Yourself” are all tracks that have not been released before, with “Human” standing out the most as it has a different sound to the rest of the album, it’s elements of bands like YAK and Slaves make it very appealing, however the vocals are softer, more pop influenced than the vocals on the other tracks.


The album finishes with the title track “Want It Need It” a fast paced 2 minute long track that brings this impressive debut album to a fantastic close.

For an album that features a lot of already heard tracks, it’s a fantastic debut and something that most fans will of expected. It’s raw, rowdy and all round rock!


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