CATFISH & THE BOTTLEMEN – LIVE (Newcastle 27/08/16).

THE August bank holiday is always a popular time for music, the giant Leeds/Reading festival takes place and thousands flock to see their favourite bands play.

However this year, if you didn’t go to R&L there’s a big chance you got involved in SSD concerts as they hosted Catfish and The Bottlemen at Newcastle’s Times Square on Saturday.

The gig was always going to be rememberable, an outdoor gig in the heart of popular city Newcastle. It was a landmark in Catfish’s career and for Newcastle’s music scene.

The band – who have two very popular albums “The Balcony” and “Ride. Already have a wealth of songs to use at their dispense.

Opening with the fast paced “Homesick” the crowd exploded into a roar of cheers and chants with one fan letting off a pastel smoke flare before the track had even finished.

HOMESICK: Catfish took Newcastle by storm. 

Catfish played a mix of newer and older tracks, they mixed in fan favourites like “Kathleen” and “Pacifier” with the newer and defined “Soundcheck” and “Anything”.

They created a great rendition of “Business” which saw the band add a longer instrumental towards the end of the song.

They got everyone singing in unison on tracks like “26” and “Twice” before hitting a home run on the huge “Cocoon” which saw more pastel smoke burst into the air.

The quartet from Wales brought the night to a close by giving it their all on the loud and heart racing “Tyrants” which set the crowd into a frenzy.

Times Square will now be regarded as one of the best outdoor venues, especially after hosting a gig like that. Support for the night came from Tom Mouse Smith, a young boy with serious talent.

Then, Them Things, a relatively new on the scene band who are starting to make a name for themselves and finally just before Catfish and The Bottlemen – Little Comets, Newcastle’s very own home brewed indie pop band. Who of course were welcomed with open arms and huge reception.

For those who didn’t go to Leeds/Reading, this gig will of definitely made up for those festival blues as Catfish put on one of the best shows of this year.

Of course non of this would of been possible if it wasn’t for the brilliance of Steve Davis and SSD concerts. So as always a huge thanks to the organisers of what was a fantastic night.


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