GIG PREVIEW: Plaza at Middlesbrough Empire (3/09/16).

EVENTS organiser Famous Last Words are putting on one of their biggest shows to date. Plaza – Hartlepool’s indie four piece who have gained local and national success over the past year, will be performing at Middlesbrough’s Empire.

The band have toured the UK with TRASH and have already sold out some of their previous gigs both locally and nationally.

Support for the night comes from local band Figmennt, who have also achieved local success with their single “She”.

Plugged In caught up with Plaza’s front-man Bradley Lennard to talk about the gig.

PLAZA: Hartlepool’s indie quartet are making waves in the music scene.
You’ve played a lot of gigs over the past few years, what’s it like travelling the country to play shows? 
It’s real fun, just the whole idea of it. Traveling around with your best mates, meeting new people, seeing friends that are at university, playing shows. I don’t think that there is anything better than it to be honest.
What’s going to make this one (Empire gig) different? Or special? 
I think the empire show may feel like a progression for us, it’s a venue that you don’t really expect to be playing as you don’t see a lot of small/local bands playing there. I don’t really know what to expect from it, the whole prospect sounds very fun and interesting, but only time will tell.
Following Plaza’s social media, am I right to assume you are recording new music? And will you be playing these tracks at the empire gig? 
Yeah, that is true. We’ve been sitting on lots of music and ideas for a while now, which we haven’t been playing live but yes, we will be playing new songs.
Will you be playing older EP tracks, such as Antumbra too? 
We will probably have some old songs in there, I mean we rewritten a lot of old songs, such as origami. We went through a phase of being completely against it, but we reworked it and now it’s one of the songs we look most forward to playing.
I haven’t really thought about what additional tracks we may play this time around.
You’ll be playing with Figmennt on the night, what’s it like having them open for you? 
Really happy about it. We love figmennt, great band and really nice lads. I know it’s just gonna be a lot of fun and excited to see them all again.
Have you got any plans for after the gig? Will it be straight back home or a night out potentially? 
Unsure yet, probably stick around after the show, we have a lot of mates that are coming and they will probably want to be very drunk, so we may have to join em.
Have you got anything you want to say to fans coming to the show? 
The gig takes place on Saturday, September 3rd – doors open at 11:00pm (£4.50 before 11:30 or £6.00 afterwards).
Famous Last Words have already put on a range of shows at Empire. Including local singer songwriter Danny Devon and popular indie rockers Be Quiet Shout Loud.

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