BON IVER have returned with two new tracks.

It comes after the announcement of their next album “22, A Million” which will be the groups 3rd studio album.

The third album was played in full at Eaux Claire’s Festival, in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

The two tracks shared differ from Bon Iver’s previous records. Justin Vernon has taken a more sampled/electronic approach rather than a laid back acoustic style many fans are accustomed to.

“22 (OVER S**N) Bob Moose Extended Cab Version” opens with a sample of Vernon’s vocals before his actual vocals below over the top. His stacked vocals pave the foundations for this track as without them it would rock a completely different vibe.

“10 d E A T h b R E a s T**” is darker, it has sludgy underlying synths that pop every so often. It’s atmospheric and has elements of a James Blake track (Justin Vernon and Blake have worked together on numerous occasions).

Both tracks are far away from Bon Iver’s original album, so many fans will be waiting in anticipation for what this new album sounds like.

Listen to the tracks below:




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