Interview with Evelyn Halls (Clean Cut Kid).

CLEAN Cut Kid have had a whirlwind of a summer already, making appearances at approximately 27 festivals this summer and an EP waiting to be released in August, it’s all go for the band who are gaining more and more popularity by the day.

Plugged In caught up with Evelyn as the band headed back from their Latitude gig the night before:

You have 27 festival appearances booked in this summer, which has been your favourite so far and which are you looking forward next?

Well we’re on our way back from our Latitude set last night that was really amazing, it was our first ever headline slot, we played the festival last year on the DIY tent but getting to headline the Lake stage this year has potential to be our favourite gig ever. Glastonbury was great also, we played to a packed out tent and there was around 5000 people there to see us. It was crazy because the tent was so full and so was the outside area around the tent.

We’ve still got Secret Garden Party, Festival Number Six and of course the big Leeds and Reading festivals still to come, we’re playing the festival republic stage so that’ll be really good. Then to finish it all off we get to do our very first European festival in Madrid, so that’s also very exciting.

So how have the crowds been so far? What’s their reception to your music?

They’ve been great, we’ve filled tents and even if we’re doing a small slot on a big stage the crowds are still really into it. We ticked another box at Truck festival too, our very first mosh pit happened! That was amazing.

I take it you’ve been playing your new single “We Use to Be In Love” a lot, but have you played other unreleased music at these festivals?

Oh yeah, we’ve been piecing an album together so we’ve been trying out album tunes. We’ve been experimenting with our set and even added the Jamie XX cover and something special. Rehearsal time is slim at the moment so this is us testing things, we’ve been doing the EP tracks a lot recently.


Just continuing with tracks, I assume Vitamin C gets a great reception now? What’s that like?

It’s genuinely amazing, we include it at the end of our set so it’s like we’re running towards that, people stick through the whole set to see that song and I think that’s great. Last year people only really knew that song and that’s why they came to see us. Now we open with Runaway and that’s gained a lot of popularity too, people know more songs and we’ve grown as a band.

So it’s clear you’ve established a loyal fan base now and you’ve played Middlesbrough quite a lot, not somewhere a lot of bands choose to play. Do you feel you have a dedicated fan set here?

Definitely, my family probably make up for a lot of it (laughing) they’ve been a huge help rallying troops and giving me and the band support. I’ve had messages from friends asking us to play in the North East and they always buy tickets. It’s a very stress free area of the tour for me, the north east. Even Leeds is always very accepting and great to play.

So you’ll be excited for Leeds festival then?

Yeah, I mean it was always the festival me and my mates went to, so I’m very familiar with it.

You’ve played Middlesbrough’s Lazy Joes a few times now, how did that come about?

Joe (the owner) has always been a mate of my brother, he’s like Joe’s right hand man, he goes on business trips with him, has a lot of input in the shop and they’re just great friends. Like I said my family show great support and my brother always gets Joe to gigs and he’s been to quite a few now.

CLEAN CUT KID: Evelyn and Mike perform a duet in Lazy Joes Middlesbrough.

It was Mike and I who came back (to Middlesbrough) around Christmas last year and Joe just asked if we wanted to do a gig. So me and Mike did a duo set. I’d love to go back though, with the whole band and do a proper lock in. This time take some free clothes. If not, you never know, we may do a clothes collaboration with Lazy Joes. You heard it here first (laughing).

Moving on, what are Clean Cut Kid’s plans for after the festival season?

The EP is the next big thing, you can pre-order it now, and then it’s out in August. We’re hoping to finish the album by early next year too. Then there’s the headline tour in October, we want to make that special, play some new tracks, add some acoustic ones and rehearse a massive set so we can change it depending on our audience size. You never know, we may get our first crowd surf too! Oh and maybe somewhere in-between have a day off.

Clean Cut Kids newest EP can be pre-ordered from their website



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