The Big Comebacks – Part II

WAY back in January Plugged In predicted some of the bands we believed would make a huge return this year.

In that feature, we included Radiohead, The Stone Roses and the Last Shadow Puppets. All of whom have made a return since that article.

However two of the bands we included, Kings of Leon and The XX, are still yet to make a return (that’s not to say they won’t).

As the year progressed, more rumors began to spring up about other bands who could potential be making a return this year. So we thought it’s time to round up another five bands who are likely to make a comeback by the end of this year.

1. Gorillaz

When Damon Albarn’s hugely successful side project reached the same level as his successful original project (Blur) people have waited for more and more music after each album.

Now there has been rumors that the Gorillaz are recording new music since their disappearance in 2010.

If this is true then a new single could be announced any week now, with an album coming out just in time for Christmas.

GORILLAZ: Will there be a return? 

2. Kasabian 

After Leicester made history with their Premier League victory, it wasn’t long before the band announced a few gigs to celebrate their teams success.

During these shows it was made clear that Kasabian were trying out new music – which of course sparked rumors across the internet to what the band may be doing.

Just like the Gorillaz, Kasabian could have an album out by the end of this year & if it’s anything like their last marketing campaign then you’ll be made well aware of when they are wanting to release it.

KASABIAN: Returning after Leicester’s success

3. Arctic Monkeys

This one seems a little less likely (especially by the end of this year) but rumors have flown around the internet that Alex Turner may be returning to the studio in the not so distant future with his Sheffield crew.

If (by some miracle) this happens to be true, then who knows how quickly the group may churn out a new single.

Of course this is all speculation, but one can hope right?

Arctic Monkeys.jpg
ARCTIC MONKEYS: Maybe a little less likely of a return this year.

4. MGMT 

The duo, who have had massive hits such as “Kids” and “Electric Feel” have been rumored to be making a return this year too. There has also been some talk of the band working with popular singer/songwriter Mac Demarco, which means that this upcoming album could be taking a step in a different direction.

There’s still over five months till this years out and MGMT could already have an album in the pipeline. However with all the rumors we’ll just have to wait and see.

MGMT: Coming Soon?

5. Pixies

Unlike the Arctic Monkeys rumor, this ones a little more cemented. The Pixies have announced a return with a new album due out in September. They may have already missed festival season but this released could spark a year of come back tours and set them up for headline slots next summer.

How this album will turn out is another matter, us fans all over are waiting in anticipation for this return.

CONFIRMED: Pixies will be touring this summer. 



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