WHITE – Step Up (Review)

WHITE turn primal for their latest track “Step Up” and with the frustration surrounding the UK right now, it seems like the perfect time to release a rebellion song.

The electronic rockers from Glasgow have come along way since the release of their single “Living Fiction”. However “Step Up” has taken a new style compared to previous tracks.

If you’ve seen White live, then you will know how powerful this song is when they perform it to a eager crowd and amazingly they’ve managed to capture that raw version on record.


“Step Up” features throbbing synth beats and complimentary booming bass, intertwined with screechy aggressive vocals and that-oh-so common 80’s sounding guitar, there’s a lot going on within this song.

The breakdown strips all the effects back to just a guitar, bass and one synth, it slowly rebuilds though and it isn’t long before you are thrown back into the ruckus of White’s world.

The track is brought to a close by lead singer Leo whispering the words “wake up, and start again” in a very eerie manor.

The track premiered on Clash magazine earlier today with a trippy strobe video to go with it, you can find it below:


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