Glass Palace – Intermission (Review)

YOU may never of heard of Glass Palace, yet in a small pocket of Billingham’s music scene, these unique musicians are beginning to flourish and grow.

This is apparent on their latest single “Intermission”, a track that shows maturity and experience mixed up into a three minute banger.

The synths that rattle through the intro of the track are met with a Diiv-esque guitar that allows the vocals to wail over the top in a droney manor.

With a drum beat that pulsates underneath the foundations of the track it allows the low tones to build up for a gradual pop that happens around the minute mark.

After a small guitar solo, the song escalates into a instrumental grungey piece, with all instruments creating a head banging moment, it takes the song to the final close.

Even though there’s a long way to go for these lads, it’s clear they’ve got their heads screwed on properly.

“Intermission” is the beginning of a good road for Glass Palace.

Listen to the track below:


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