Wax Colour – Dreamz (Review)

WAX Colour dip into dream pop on their latest single “Dreamz”.

The four piece, from Essex, have released yet another exciting track that blends in indie pop with shoegaze melodies to create a sublime new track.

“Dreamz” sounds more defined than previous tracks, a track that helps to cement the bands ever blossoming sound.

The guitar pops with little plucking notes that stand out above the track and contrast with the familiar droney vocals that are common place in Wax Colour’s music.

The drum beat pulsates in the background, building up to a drop just before the two minute mark that sees the band explode into a dreamy instrumental.

With guitars wailing over the top it helps to bring the song to a climatic end. It’s clear that “Dreamz” will be a popular song when played live.

You can check out Wax Colour’s latest song below:


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