Lucky Punks -I Want You To Say (Review)

LUCKY Punks have just released their single “I Want You To Say” and it’s a explosive stepping stone in their rise to the big leagues.

The track opens with a rattling bassline, complimented by a deep drum beat, it doesn’t take long before the band explode into a chorus of elongated “I want you to say that you love me”.

The guitar, while not necessarily the main point of the song, adds a 80’s indie vibe to the track, while the vocals produce the bulk of the song, with incredibly infectious lyrics.

The song breaks out into the repetition of “I want you to say you love me” throughout the song, helps to create a perfect sing-a-long track.

ARTWORK: The cover for Lucky Punks’ latest release.

A clever move for the lads who are just starting to get their name known. What better way to get out there than making a song so catchy.

You can buy or stream their track from the Lucky Punks bandcamp page along with the tracks lyrics.

Keep your eye out for these lads, because it won’t be long before they’re everywhere.



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