An Interview With Sam Butcher (Mirror Gorillas)

Mirror Gorilla’s are starting to make serious impressions on the indie music scene.

However they are not just a one sided band, Plugged In caught up with Sam Butcher to discuss his blossoming side project.

When asked about his solo project (and why he’s doing it) Sam replied: “Doing Mirror Gorillas stuff is so enjoyable and I love the lads, but it’s always fun to expand creatively and see what else you can do.

“Indie guitar music is something I’ve grown up with but is only a fraction of everything that has influenced me and, while Mirror Gorillas lets me express my indie-influenced side, I don’t think it’s really a platform from which I can convey how other types of music that I’ve inherited from my parents like soul and jazz have shaped me.

So hence I’m doing this stuff as an extra creative outlet, just as the other guys in the band all have with their side projects.”

Sam’s solo work mixes in soul and jazz music with a electronic-dub twist. He uses samples from artists like Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone to lay over the top of his own electronic mixing.

It’s interesting, considering this type of genre is a mile away from what he does with Mirror Gorillas. When asked about it, he said: “It is quite a departure from Mirror Gorillas. I think it has to be when it pulls from such different origins.

“Electronic and Hip-Hop music have the potential to work perfectly together with soul and jazz in the right hands, so that’s why I’ve gone in the direction I have with this project – to see what I can contribute in bringing together old and new.”

However one thing that is common in both of Sam’s works, is of course, The Simpsons.

So it was no surprise to hear this answer when asked why they were such a reoccurring thing: “I just love The Simpsons. The best ever TV show in its heyday. The perfect satire of the human condition. It’s not really got anything to do with the music though so maybe I’ll change it at some point, or maybe not.” (We don’t think he should).

You can listen to Sam Butcher’s solo work on his Soundcloud page.

You can listen to Mirror Gorillas via their Spotify.



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