The Stone Roses – All For One (Review)

REGARDED as one of indie’s most influential bands ever, The Stone Roses comeback single is everything anyone could have ever wanted.

“All For One” has stripped the Roses back to their late 80’s era, before the “Second Coming” and before the turn of events that lead the band to go separate ways.

The track has the instantly recognisable jangley-infectious riffs, a sound that everyone stereotypes with the band. Then you hear it,  Ian Brown’s ever iconic vocals, droning over the track with lyrics “All for one, one for all”.

Fans have waited over 20 years for, Mani, Reni, John and Ian to reunite and put out some new music. It’s safe to say that the naysayers and doubters were all shot down last night when “All For One” was released.

The mood of the song is vibrant, it’s a definite summer track and has created a huge amount of hype for the Roses next release. Not to mention their June shows at Manchester’s Ethihad.

Listen to “All For One” below:



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