These Brittle Bones – Effects Review

These Brittle Bones has just released his debut EP “Effects” and it’s a stunning first full release.

“Open” the EP’s first track, is an instrumental ballad. With XX style keys powering through the intro, the song evolves into a multi-instrumental journey. Synths take dominance yet the whole track opens up and fills its two minutes-thirty second duration with a range of beautifully crafted sound.

CHRIS JONES: AKA These Brittle Bones.

We are moved into the second track “Instinct” a single that was released before the EP. Chris Jones, the man behind the persona, softly bellows over the enchanting music. The song carries the sound of what The Japanese House is trying to do. It’s a mix of poppy hooks and dark synths. His vocals are impressive and are a real stand out point of the EP.

The whole vibe is maintained throughout “Effects”, it explores the loss of loved ones, the struggles faced growing up and the aftermath of these things. “Kindle” has a solemn feel to it, contrasted by the high pitched synth pops. This is likewise on “Numb” the second single from taken off “Effects”.

The EP is brought to a close with the title track “Effects” again carrying the main theme of the EP, “Effects” doesn’t have a subtle drop within it, unlike the other tracks this song doesn’t leave the ambient effect that it’s heavily built around.

“Effects” is wonderfully produced, with a young mastermind writing each track, it’s clear that Chris Jones knows what he’s doing and it will be interesting to see where he goes from here.

Listen to These Brittle Bones “Effects” here.


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