Blaenavon – I Will Be The World (Review)

THE wait is over, a debut album is waiting in the wings and yesterday Blaenavon released the very first snippet of it. It came in the form of “I Will Be The World” and it’s fantastic.

Of course if you’ve been lucky (and wise) enough to have already seen Blaenavon perform live, then you will have already heard this track and be aware of how good it actually is.

You’re introduced by this low sounding picking guitar, lead singer Ben Gregory’s vocals come softly in, whispering in your ear.

It doesn’t take long for the band to throw themselves into the heat of the song and produce this thrashing guitar sequence that is complimented by a strong bassline and pounding drums.

Then as if nothing happened, the trio are back to that ever so soft sound, although it still sounds dark, with Ben moaning “I will be world” over and again right up until another burst of this fast paced musical release.

The song has an energy to it unlike any of their previous songs, you can hear it’s complexity and it’s another huge stepping stone for the band. Of course this isn’t saying that their other music isn’t fantastic too (because it is).

The whole song builds to this massive climatic moment, where all instruments are thrown full force into your ears.

Then, just like that, it ends how it began, soft vocals and slow picking guitar before it cuts out abruptly.

Blaenavon head out on tour next month and it’ll be a tour you don’t want to miss.

Listen to “I Will Be The World” below:


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