Isaac Gracie – Songs From My Bedroom (Review)

AFTER the brilliant and captivating debut single “Last Words“, singer-songwriter Isaac Gracie has released his first EP via Republic Records.

The five-track “Songs From My Bedroom” mixes dark Jeff Buckley-esque melodies, with Gracie’s own carefully crafted, heartfelt lyrics.

The opener – “Terrified” holds a certain poetic vibe to it. It has a soulful feel, something that you could imagine Nirvana writing.

The EP’s title is made clear on the track “We’re So Very Lost” where you can hear the raspy vocals and rough guitar completely take over the track.

It’s incredibly pleasurable and makes you want all of Gracie’s music to sound like this.

The solemn vocals on “Hollow Crown” are up close and personal, as if Gracie is whispering in your ear, it fuels the emotional aspect that he’s trying to convey in his music.

Whereas on “All the Burning Lovers” it’s the guitar that helps to convey this emotion, the picking builds into a soft strum that whisks the listener away and into Gracie’s world.

The final song “Darkness of the Day” treats the listener to a song that’s drowned in natural reverb, it’s a ballad that is possibly one of the most beautifully written tracks of modern day music.

Gracie’s EP is available digitally now and will be released on vinyl in May.

Find it here.


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