Dead Belles – This Machines Electric (Review)

SOUTH East London band – Dead Belles put out their debut single last month. A month on, the song has given the band the popularity boost they deserve.

DEAD BELLES: London’s newest underground band.

The catchy and repetitive lyrics of the tracks title [This Machines Electric] make it an instant sing -a-long song, not in a cheesy poppy way, yet in a infectious, addictive one.

The instruments are rocky, with the guitar ripping through the track with it’s up-beat riff. Before breaking out into a high pitched solo that works well with the vibe of the song.

The bass shakes the ear drums as it rattles in the mix of the song, with the drums setting the tempo. You hear big symbol crashes and fast paced thumps echoing from the kick drum.

Overall the track is a hype song and for a debut single,  Dead Belles have ticked all the boxes. It makes you want to hear more and that’s a key point in any debut single.

Check out Dead Belles Big Cartel page for more music.

Video below.


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