DIIV at Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, Leeds (Gig Review).

EVERYONE faces technical problems from time to time and this was the case on Tuesday night at Leeds’ Belgrave venue.

After the success of both support act’s sets, the crowd was buzzing and it was clear that they could barely contain their excitement.

And then, Zach Cole Smith led on his band of shoegaze rockers to a wave of screams and shouts. Sadly it wasn’t long before they exited the stage as the venue began it’s lengthy battle with their technical problems.

There was confusion amongst band members, with some seeming ready to play and others not. It seemed to be Zach Cole Smith who was facing the most problems, with his monitors not working properly.

Whether the problem was eventually resolved or not, Diiv collectively agreed to play, opening with their “Drunn (Pt. II)” it was quick to turn into their second album’s title track “Is The Is Are.”

STILL PLAYING: DIIV performed even under the circumstances.

Cole-Smith constantly apologised for sounding “shit” and it was clear that this was bothering him personally.

At one point he even asked the crowd “Not to share any of this on YouTube” before breaking out into tears.

Even though he was clearly upset, it didn’t dampen the crowds mood. With everyone cheering and dancing to old favourites like “Follow” and “Oshin (Subsume).”

Whilst also losing it at newer tracks like “Dopamine” and “Mire (Grant’s Song).”

EMOTIONAL: Zach Cole-Smith singing.

DIIV finished on the ever popular “Doused” which saw the crowd erupt into a frenzy of head banging and moshing.

Even with the technical problems (which Cole-Smith took personally) DIIV still put on a fantastic show, with guitarist/keyboard player Colin Caufield and guitarist Andrew Bailey giving it their all and enjoying every moment.

Sadly the band didn’t play an encore, but Caufield returned to stage to speak to the audience and thank them for making the gig as good as it could be.

It was clear (from reading tweets after the gig) that no one blamed DIIV for the problems and everyone seemed impressed with the band anyway.

The full setlist can be found here.



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