Five Tracks You May Have Missed (2016).

AS the months pass by a lot of new music is released. Plugged In has rounded up five tracks that you may have missed this year.

1. Whitney – No Women

Officially released on January 18th, “No Women” mixes the sounds of Bon Iver and Mac Demarco to create something fresh and interesting. The range of music spilling out from this track works so well, with trumpets, electric and acoustic guitar it’s full of calming sounds.

“No Women” marks the first official release from Whitney, who most likely have a very fruitful year ahead.

2. PLAZA – Totem

Hartlepool based four-piece have already completed a successful UK tour, which saw them sell out more than one date. “Totem” released last month had a wash of positive reception and rightly so, the track is well developed and shows the direction Plaza are heading in.

“Totem” is a two minute indie blast that can get any gig-goer moving.

3. Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Tilikum

A slow ballad and first single from Leftwich’s highly anticipated second album. “Tilikum” draws on the pain and emotions Leftwich went through after the loss of his father.

The track isn’t only enchanting, it’s fueled by meaning and that makes it very special.

4. Trash – Workout

Trash have already built a dedicated fan base after releasing songs like “Hot Coffee” and “Sad Boys (All I Wanna Do)”. Now with “Workout” they are stepping into the big leagues. The song is well wrote and well produced, it has the elements of a hit and hopefully will give the band the recognition they deserve.

5. Wylde – Human

Scottish shoegazers Wylde released this track early this year. It has the elements of many great shoegaze bands. It’s five minutes of complete musical genius, with infectious guitar riffs and tight drum beats. All swirled in with the most spaced out vocals in modern music. It’s a song you have to hear.


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