Magic Potion – Booored / Deep Web (Review).

SWEDISH indie pop band Magic Potion, have just announced their debut album “Pink Gum” set to be released May 27th.

To mark the announcement, Plugged In has reviewed the band’s limited edition double A-side vinyl. Featuring the tracks “Booored” and “Deep Web.”

Magic P
DOUBLE A SIDE: Magic Potion’s special limited vinyl.

“Booored” is taken from Magic Potion’s 2015 EP “Melt” and is a tone twanging, Mac DeMarco influenced chill-out track.

The oddly toned guitars play a consistent riff which gives off a very summery vibe, the vocals are whiny yet incredibly satisfying. The song has a flowery feel to it, with the final guitar moments sounding a little Kinks-esque.

Flip the vinyl over and “Deep Web” continues this vibe, it has a more drawn out pace to it, yet we can still tell straight away that it’s Magic Potion.

“Only the ripples in her coffee” sings the lead singer, as you instantly connect with both of these tracks.

“Deep Web” has a more solemn vibe to it, yet it continues the easy listening aspect that is clear on both tracks.

If you’re not absorbed into Magic Potion’s world upon listening to these tracks, then give it time and it’s guaranteed with time, you will be.


You can pre-order Magic Potion’s debut album on vinyl, cassette and download.

Find Magic Potion on their Facebook or Twitter page.


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