YAK – Harbour the Feeling (Review)

YAK have had a year of touring, writing and recording, yet it feels like a lifetime ago that they released their debut single “Hungry Heart” and played it in small venues to a limited crowd.

Now, with a debut album coming out mid-May, the band could be about to make it big time.

YAK: Their debut album is out May 13th. 

The trio released another track from their album this week, to a rave of reviews and social media excitement.

“Harbour the Feeling” mixes in big distorted riffs with sludgy drums and biting vocals.

Lead singer Oli Burlsem drones over the music in his typical raspy tone, blurting lyrics such as “I’d sell my soul if I could, but I was told it ain’t too good and I’m broke.”

Drummer Elliot Rawson and bassist Andy Jones carry the rhythm of the song, filling it with a head-banging-toe-tapping beat that just makes you want to throw yourself about at a YAK gig.

“Harbour the Feeling” continues YAK’s fantastic run of releases, it paves the way for the album and YAK’s future.


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