Johnny Lloyd – Hello Death (Review)

MOVING away from the light hearted “Happy Humans” and the mellow “Pilgrims.” Ex-Tribes member Johnny Lloyd, takes a darker turn on newest release “Hello Death.”

Produced by Jamie T, “Hello Death” is a solemn look into the darker side of Lloyd’s musical talents.

With a slow picking guitar and a bass drum that pounds deep in the background of the song, the track is surrounded by an ambiance of sadness.

We are still treated to the ever familiar vocals from Lloyd himself as they blissfully sing over the top of this emotional song.

GOING SOLO: Johnny Lloyd’s first solo EP is due out in May.

At around 2:20 the track bursts into heavier guitars and backing vocals that wail out “oo’s” creating an almost ghost like feel.

The big climax ends abruptly with it fading out to the end of the song.

“Hello Death” is something you wouldn’t expect from Tribes and it shows how Lloyd is branching out into his own world of music.

The track will feature alongside “Happy Humans” and “Pilgrims” on Lloyd’s forthcoming EP “Dreamland.”

Listen below:


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