Sundara Karma / Beach Baby / Blaenavon – Think Tank 02/03/16

THINK TANK puts on some of Newcastle’s finest gigs. On Wednesday they hosted Sundara Karma, with support from Beach Baby and Blaenavon.

Blaenavon were first, playing a mix of old and new songs. Tracks from their new album sounded polished and well crafted. Their older tracks, such as “Into the Night” and “Prague” were fantastic and the trio captivated their audience.

The band played a short but sweet set, before thanking their audience and promoting their return to Think Tank in May.


Next up was Beach Baby, a indie pop band who can literally produce the sound of summer. The two vocalists split their duties and constantly interacted with the audience. The instruments played included a 12-string guitar which gave the band an edge that others don’t have.

As far as support acts go Blaenavon and Beach Baby were superb.

Finally Sundara Karma waltzed onto the stage, with front-man Oscar breaking gender stereotypes in his eye makeup and glittery top.

They opened with their new track “Young Understanding” before actually greeting the crowd.

The band played some new tracks that will be appearing on an album later this year and mixed it up with older tracks like “Freshbloom” “Diamond Cutter” and “Flame.”

The crowd responded perfectly to Sundara Karma, people were jumping all over the place with mosh-pits breaking out mid-songs.

Throughout the whole set the audience gave the four-piece positive reception, constantly cheering and clapping.

Sundara Karma walked off stage to a scream for more and it wasn’t long before they returned to play two more tracks.

These were both taken from the band’s first EP (EP1) they started with “The Night” and finished on the almighty “Loveblood.”

All three bands were great and they made the night one to remember, if you were lucky enough to be their then you know just how good these bands are.



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