Plugged In’s – Ten EP’s You Have to Hear.

After reading an article on the blog Loose Cardigan of Ideas, Plugged In has rounded up ten of it’s favourite EP’s that you have to hear.

Tigercub – Repressed Semantics

This London based band are only just making a name for themselves, but this five track EP is a wake-up call to anyone who hasn’t listened to the band yet. Tracks like “Antiseptic” and “Rich Boy” are both real strong tracks. A band you will be hearing a lot more of these next few months.

TIGERCUB: Their 2015 EP.

9. Kings of Leon – Holy Roller Novocaine

Way before Kings of Leon had any chart recognition or high selling album, they released this little glimpse into their American country upbringing. It’s a stunning piece that includes the forgotten track “Wicker Chair.”

8. Blaenavon – Miss World EP

Blaenavon haven’t even released an album yet, however “Miss World” will get anyone stoked for one. The massive “Hell is my Head” opens the EP and grasps you instantly. If you haven’t heard of Blaenavon yet, listen to this EP.

7. King Krule – King Krule EP

Back when Archy Marshall was King Krule (and before the cult classic 6 Feet Beneath the Moon) he released this five track beauty. It mixes his guitar riffs with electronic sounds to bring something very fresh to the music scene. Only King Krule can create sounds like this.

King Krule.jpg
THE START: King Krules first EP.

6. Wolf Alice – Creature Sounds

The last release before their successful debut album, “Creature Sounds” still holds value to Wolf Alice fans everywhere. Tracks like “Storms” and “Heavenly Creatures” show another side to the band and  “Moaning Lisa Smile” is a track that will always get crowds excited at festivals and live shows.

5. Heyrocco – Mom Jeans

The American three piece released this little gem back in 2014. Yet it still holds its own, with fantastic tracks “Melt”, “Virgin”, “Mom Jeans” and “Santa Fe.” This EP is one that has to be heard, all compressed onto one side of a 12 inch vinyl.

MOM JEANS: Heyrocco’s single side release.

4. The 1975 – Music for Cars

Arguably one of the best 1975 EP’s. “Music for Cars” has the ever infectious “Chocolate” upon it, automatically giving it a foot to stand on. Not only that though as tracks like “Heads.Cars.Bending” and “Me” stand out as some of The 1975’s best work.

3. YAK – Plastic People

Plastic People was YAK’s first EP. The three tracks are all stand out works of art. From the catchy “Plastic People” to the long drawn out acid trip of “Distortion” this EP has it all. It even includes a now-announced album track “Smile.”

2. Peace – EP Delicious

One of the most highly sort after EP’s of this generation. “EP Delicious” kick started Peace on their rise to fame back in 2012. It has the fabulous “Bloodshake” and the ten-minute long “1998” which everyone loses their sh*t for at live shows.

1. Blaenavon – KOSO

They made it into this list twice because they’re just so damn good. KOSO was released in 2013 and left people stunned with just how good this band actually are. “Wunderkind” is a slow burner, whereas “Prague” is a fire in the face fast paced track. KOSO is a must listen.


Of course these aren’t necessarily the best EP’s of all time, but they are ones that should be heard by everyone. Feel free to leave you own suggestions in the comments below.


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