Mirror Gorillas, The New Sound of Manchester – Interview.

THE MANCHESTER scene was the focal point of England’s music scene back in the 90’s and a young band called Mirror Gorillas could be about to bring the focus back.

Plugged In caught up with them to discuss their upcoming EP and the where the band are heading.

Your image is something that stands out as soon as you see the name “Mirror Gorillas” where did the name come from?
“It seemed to be the only name that wasn’t taken by another band on the Internet – it ended up being Harry and Butcher putting two randomish words together. At times we’ve loved the name but at other times we’ve loathed it and thought about changing it to equally awful names. It was only a drunk Harrison Koisser to tell us he loved the name for us to begrudgingly stick with it.”
Mirror Gorilla
EYE CATCHING: Mirror Gorillas most recent logo.
Your music is like a resurgence of what Manchester stood for back in the 90’s, was that your aim?
“Kind of, I guess it’s the music we all listen to as a band, they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery so maybe it’s just us copying what Blur did in the 90s. We’re trying to make music that we like so maybe it’s stemmed from that. It’s also really fun to play live.”
The EP comes out soon, is it exciting? Or are you nervous? 
“We’re so so excited to release it but we’ve been advised to hold it back a little bit to promote it. Last week we sent some demos out to a couple of people who asked to listen to them but we’ve been told not to do that.”
What can fans expect from the EP? 
“A couple of fast songs a couple of slow songs.”
Will their be a physical copy coming out? 
“Hopefully – we’re looking to fund vinyl but that’s still a maybe.”
Will you be touring the EP? If so where? A few gigs or full UK tour? 
“We’re looking into that at the moment but we’re still unsure, I guess it’ll all depend on how well the EP goes down, if well we’ll parade it across the UK. If it goes poorly we’ll end up sobbing in our house with sunny in Philadelphia and the Simpsons.”
ALWAYS SUNNY: Meet the Mirror Gorillas
What’s is each band members favourite band?
Harry: David Bowie/The Smiths/Blur
Tim: Bombay Bicycle Club/Blur
Butcher: Led Zeppelin/Bob Dylan
Jamie: Ed Sheeran/Oasis
Is there anything you want to say to the public before your EP is released?
“Alright alright alright.”


There you have it, Mirror Gorillas are definitely a band who have a vision or a clear idea of where they want to be heading. They are a maturing band and with their already released tracks growing in popularity, who knows where these boys could end up.

Listen to Mirror Gorillas here:


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